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Everbrilliant Manufacturing Company Inc. (EMCI) – We are manufacturer in the Philippines of high quality InnoClean™  Cleanroom Wipes such as, Polyester Wipes, Microfiber Wipes, Microdenier Wipes, and Non-Woven Wipes that are ideal for critical and controlled environments and requires cleanliness. These cleanroom wipes are processed, laundered and packed in Class 10 cleanroom, with low extractable fibers, particles, NVR and Ions.

Polyester Wipes are constructed with 100% continuous filament polyester in double knitted configuration and are perfectly suited for ISO Class 3 – 7 (Class 1 – 10,000) cleanroom environments.

Microfiber Wipes are composed of 75% polyester and 25% nylon materials. The edges of these wipes are sealed with laser to have minimal particle.  These wipes recommended for ISO Class 5 – 7 (Class 100 – 10,000) cleanroom environments.

Microdenier Wipes are knitted from ultra-fine 100% polyester microdenier materials which are recommended for ISO Class 5 – 7 (Class 100 – 10,000) cleanroom environments.

Non-Woven Wipes are consist of 55% cellulose and 45% polyester filament yarn. Being highly absorbent and resistant to several chemicals and acids. These wipes are economical type of wipes, suitable for critical wiping processes with use of chemical or solvents.




Manufacturer of wipes for cleanroom, critical and controlled environments.



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