Polyester wipes that are constructed with 100% continuous filament polyester in double knitted configuration. They were economically designed and produced for general wiping application in ISO Class 6 – 8 cleanroom (Class 1,000 – 100,000) environments.


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Product Description

  • 100% knitted polyester with laser cut sealed edge
  • Cleanroom processed, laundered and packaged
  • Complete lot to lot traceability


  • Low particles, fibers, and ions
  • Low cost and economical wipes
  • Resist abrasion under rigorous applications


  • Economically designed for general wiping applications
  • Ideal for ISO 6 – 8 (Class 1,000 – 100,000) cleanroom environments
  • Compatible with most chemical and cleaning solutions

Product Info

  • Basis Weight:    155 gsm
  • Dimension:       4×4 in
  • Per inner bag:   150 wipes
  • Per outer bag:   300 wipes
  • Bags per Case:  20 bags


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