Microdenier wipes that are knitted from ultra fine 100% polyester microdenier. Sealed the four (4) edges with laser to have minimal particles. This high density wipes provides better physical properties and dimensional stability. This type of wipes has superior absorbency and the knitting configuration which improves pickup of contaminants from glass, metal and ceramic surfaces. Recommended for ISO Class 5 – 7 (Class 100 – 10,000) cleanroom environments

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Product Description

  • 100% ultra fine polyester microdenier
  • Basis Weight available : 105 gsm and 150 gsm
  • Lot to lot traceability and test data available for all production lots


  • Superior combination of cleanliness, absorbency and abrasion resistance
  • Low particles, fibers, ions and extractable level to prevent product and cleanroom contamination
  • Processed, laundered and packed in cleanroom
  • Cleaning small particles
  • Removing oils from monitor screen


  • Ideal for ISO 5 (Class 100) cleanroom environment or higher
  • Recommended for wiping sensitive surfaces like monitors, smartphone screen
  • Consistently apply cleaning solution to surfaces

Product Info

  • Basis Weight:    150 gsm
  • Dimension:       4×4 in
  • Per inner bag:   100 wipes
  • Per outer bag:   100 wipes
  • Bags per Case:  20 bags


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